Meeting customers satisfaction through quality, efficacious, Safe and reliable products supported with excellent services.
As per clause 5.3 of ISO 9001:2015, top management has ensured the Quality Policy include a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improved the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) through:

  • Meeting customer satisfaction in terms of product efficacy.
  • Meeting customer requirements through safe and reliable product.
  • Continually improving the QMS through excellence in products and services.


Zero defects, zero complaint, conform to contractual and regulatory standards.
As per clause 5.4.1 of ISO 9001:2015, top management has ensured the main Quality Objective are measurable and consistent with the Quality Policy namely :

Enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving continual improvement through zero defect and zero complaint effort.
Continually improved the Quality Management System (QMS) by striving to always conform with ever changing contractual and regulatory standards and regulation.


  • Quality, Efficacy and Safety must be the utmost importance.
  • To excel in the implementation of total quality management system.
  • To inculcate a strong teamwork spirit.
  • To encourage continous improvements and innovations.
  • Quality is not tested for but has to be built in.
  • Quality is our service to God and mankind.


Identify manufacturing and distribution activities for our pharmaceutical products that have an impact on the environment and to reduce these impacts.
Our commitments:

  1. Strive for continual improvement of the environmental and the prevention of pollution.
  2. Comply with all the legal, statutory, organisational and customer requirements that is related to the environment.
  3. To communicate this policy to all persons working for and on behalf of AIN MEDICARE SDN BHD to ensure full environmental awareness, including to the public when required.

We will organise programmes to reduce environmental impacts resulting from our company activities by:

  1. Saving energy and water efficiently through continual environmental preservation and conservation.
  2. Preserving & maintaining natural environment condition through recycling and reducing waste generation activities.
  3. Conducting educational programmes and training to all affected personnel* to increase their awareness and ability in preserving natural environment continuously.

AIN Medicare comply to:

  1. Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014
  2. Environmental Quality (Schedule Wastes) Regulations 2005