AIN MEDICARE SDN BHD does not, at any time, engage a third party outside Malaysia to represent us in searching for agents or personnel abroad. If you have been approached by certain individual or organisation claiming to represent us, kindly confirm with us before disclosing your vital information. DO NOT disclose your personal information to dubious parties who may use it against your good self, and us.

For further clarification, kindly contact us via email: and/or our office number at: 006 09 7743388.

Kindly be informed that the email addresses: and do not represent Ain Medicare Sdn Bhd. There are 
bogus email addresses, created by someone with malice, to phish for certain information from recipients. An example is given below:


AIN MEDICARE is searching for reliable COMPANIES/PERSONS to represent its interests in your jurisdiction. Please advice if you are interested in working with us.

Dr Syed Ibrahim Ismail

Please ignore such requests made via common email addresses, e.g blumail, gmail, yahoo and hotmail. Our corporate email address is

Thank you.